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If you need a drug with a potent anti-inflammatory effect, choose Prednisone. This drug inhibits the action of inflammatory mediators and works effectively in literally all tissues of the body.

Prescribing Information

There are many conditions and diseases, in which the glucocorticoid Prednisone is prescribed. This drug helps prevent or reverse neoplastic, collagen, gastrointestinal, rheumatic, endocrine, ophthalmic, respiratory, dermatological or hematologic diseases. Prednisone is also used to treat and control allergic or edematous states.

Prednisone temporarily inhibits the activity of the immune system, which results in reduced inflammatory responses. At the same time, the risks of the emergence and development of infectious diseases are increasing. Therefore, constant monitoring of the dosage is required during the treatment.


At the beginning of the treatment course, high doses of Prednisone are usually used. Once the necessary anti-inflammatory effect is achieved, the daily dose is reduced.

The initial daily dose of Prednisone used in anti-inflammatory therapy lies in the range of 5 mg to 60 mg. If the disease is acute, (for example, multiple sclerosis), the initial daily dose may be increased to 200 mg.

The duration of Prednisone use depends on the severity of the disease and the patient’s response.If Prednisone is used for a long time, a gradual decrease in the daily dose is necessaryat the end of the treatment.


Prednisone can interact with birth control pills, non-steroidal antirheumatic/antiphlogistic drugs, antidiabetic agents, aspirin, cardiac glycosides and other drugs.

To avoid the negative effects of drug interactions, it is very important to always tellyour doctor about any medications or food supplements you use.

When body lacks potassium, the anti-inflammatory effect of Prednisone is enhanced. During the use of Prednisone, it is necessary to check the serum potassium level. If it lowers, it is recommended to take potassium-containingsupplements.

Side effects

Prednisone exerts an anti-inflammatory effect and rarely causes side effects. Such effects are dose-dependent and most often occur when Prednisone is used at dose that exceeds 10 mg per day.

Examples of common side effects of Prednisone include increased appetite and body weight, increased sugar and/or cholesterol levels in the blood, problems with sleep onset and maintaining sleep, and increased fluid pressure inside the eye.

The list of rare adverse reactions of Prednisone includes deterioration of erectile function, allergic reactions, serious mood disorder, acute inflammation of the pancreas, and euphoria.


For the treatment of diseases, patients can be prescribed conventional tablets and sustained-release Prednisone tablets. The use of one of the dosage forms affects the intensity and duration of the anti-inflammatory action of the glucocorticoid.

Conventional tablets are quickly, easily and almost completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

Sustained release tablets can be dissolving in the gastrointestinal tract for about 5 hours.

During the period of Prednisone use, new infectious diseases may appear. Therefore, it is better to minimize contact with infected peopleduring the treatment course.