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Lipitor is a brand-name cholesterol medication that contains the active Ingredient Atorvastatin calcium. Lipitor tablets are available in several dosage strengths: 10mg, 40mg, 20 mgor 80 mg. The therapeutic effect of Lipitor lies in regulation of the cholesterol balance by:

  • decrease in LDL level
  • increase in HDL concentration

Prescribing Information

Lipitor is prescribed to reduce the likelihood of such cardiovascular events, as myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, nonfatal stroke or atherosclerosis. Lipitor effectively helps to:

  • reduce the need for hospitalization in patients with chronic heart failure;
  • reduce cardiovascular risks before surgical procedures, in particular revascularization.

In combination with a balanced diet, Lipitor is prescribed for the treatment of dysbetalipoproteinemia, hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia, or dyslipidemia.


Lipitor should be taken once a day, without dividing the dose into several uses. The initial effective dose of Lipitor for regulating cholesterol is 10 mg per day.

If cholesterol concentration in the blood exceeds 45%, the daily dose of Lipitor can be increased to a maximum of 80 mg. When adjusting the daily dose of Lipitor, it is necessary to take into account the age of the patient and the rate of cholesterol balance recovery.

  • Adult dose of Lipitor is recommended to titrate no earlier than two weeks after the start of its use.
  • Adjusting the child’s dose of Lipitor is recommended not to be performed more than once a month.


Lasix has the potential of drug-drug interactions. For example, with the simultaneous use of Lasix with Cyclosporine, Colchicine or Niacin, the likelihood of myopathy increases.

Such drugs as Colestipol, Boceprevir, Itraconazole or Clarithromycin, contribute to a change in the concentration of Lasix in the blood plasma. If a patient with hypertension has been prescribed one of these drugs, he may need to change the dose of Lasix.

Side effects

Lipitor can cause mild, transient adverse reactions. The list of the most common adverse events of Lipitor includes muscle weakness, arthralgia or myalgia. Rarely, Lipitor can cause:

  • constipation
  • headache
  • extreme fatigue
  • urinary tract infections

Side effects of Lipitor are dose-depended, and quickly pass after reducing the dose of this cholesterol medication.


The results of clinical trials on Lipitorprove that this cholesterol medication has a high safety profile. Nevertheless, some recommendations should be followedduring a Lipitor course to ensure an effective control of blood cholesterol level.

  • Lipitor helps to increase the level of liver enzymes, so its application may require periodic liver function tests;
  • Because of the risk of myopathy, patients with a history of impaired renal function or hypotension are not advised to take large doses of Lipitor;
  • Patients with a history or a high risk of hemorrhagic stroke need to assess the appropriateness of Lipitor use;
  • Lipitor is not intendedfor the treatment of children aged less than 10 years.