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Levitra tablets solve one of the most pressing and common problems in matters of relationships – difficulties with erection. Levitra is famous for its reliability and its ability to help men, even with severe erectile dysfunction.

Men who use Levitra stop worrying about unpleasant moments when they really want, but fail to maintain or achieve an erection.

Prescribing Information

Levitra 5mg, 10mg and 20mg pills have a single indication, which is to treat erection difficulties. The drug is intended for adult men, who previously experienced a weak erection.

Levitra is administered to men after a physical examination, diagnosing erectile dysfunction and identifying possible causes of the disease. Levitra will help men achieve a steady erection regardless of the EDcauses:

  • Depression, stress or relationship problems.
  • Alcohol, smoking or overweight.
  • Blocked arteries or heart disease.
  • Metabolic and other diseases.

Men take Levitra in a situation where they expect sexual arousal and sexual intercourse. To achieve an erection, you need to take Levitra and be sexually aroused.


Levitra tablets should be taken at least 25-30 minutes before sex. It is better that 1 hour passes before sexual activity. The drug remains active for approximately 6 hours.

  • The ED treatment should begin with the use of one Levitra 10 mgtablet.
  • Based on the response to Levitra, the dose can be reduced to 5 mg or increased to 20 mg.
  • Patients with diseases of internal organs (for example, heart or kidneys) are advised to start treatment with a dose of 5 mg.

No more than one Levitra tabletshould be taken within 24 hours. During the treatment of ED, it is important to consider the possibility of Levitra interaction with various substances or drugs.


During the period of clinical trials, Levitra was investigated for possible interactions with other substances. According to the results, it was established that some substances can influence the therapeutic properties of Levitra.

A small amount of alcohol (one or two units) does not affect the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of Levitra. If Levitra is taken after large doses of alcohol consumed, treatment for ED may turn ineffective.

Rifabutin or Rifampin (antibiotics) can reduce the effect of Levitra, resulting in no erection or its later onset, than usual. Grapefruit juice can also enhance the effect of the drug.


Levitra should not be taken with medications for blood pressure lowering (e.g., alpha-blockers). Co-administration of such drugs has the potential for the manifestation of serious adverse reactions.

Side effects

Levitra allows you to get a steady and long lasting erection without any noticeable side effects, at least for the majority of men. Levitra can cause side effects, usually of mild or moderate intensity.

Examples of unwanted Levitra effects include headache, dizziness, flushing or a decrease in blood pressure. Such adverse reactions generally do not interfere with normal activity and are nothing to worry about.

Serious side effects are also possible during the period of Levitra use, like chest pains or priapism (prolonged and painful erections). If this is the case, you should immediately consult a doctor.


During the treatment of ED, it is better to limit the consumption of alcohol. In alcohol intoxication, the chances of men on Levitra to achieve an erection reduce, while the chances of getting venereal diseases increase (due to lack of caution).

Levitra should not be taken with Viagra, Cialis or any other ED drugs. Co-administration will not increase the effectiveness of the ED treatment and may cause side effects.


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