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Kamagra is a modern drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction, restore sexual activity and increase erection in men. The drug is available in the form of oral tablets, oral jelly and chewable tablets. The active substance of Kamagra is Sildenafil.

  • Kamagra oral tablets are available in three dosages of 25 mg, 50 mgand 100 mg.
  • Kamagra Oral jelly is manufacturedin special dosage bags that contain 100 mg of the active ingredient.
  • Chewable Kamagra tablets have a strawberry flavor and contain 100 mg of Sildenafil.

Prescribing Information

Kamagra is prescribed for men of 18 years and older for the treatment of erectile dysfunction of various origins (organic/psychogenic).

The drug acts on the natural erectionmechanisms. As a result of Kamagra administration, men manage to quickly achieve and maintain a proper erection, required for a sexual intercourse.


The action mechanism of Kamagra is based on the enhancement of NO synthesis, which helps to relax the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the penis and facilitates the inflow of blood to them.

To increase potency, the recommended dose is 50 mg Kamagra once a day. Kamagra is used as needed, approximately 60 minutes before the alleged sexual intercourse.

Depending on the clinical response and the tolerability of Kamagra, the dose can be increased to a maximum of 100 mg per day. Kamagra can be taken regardless of meals. However, studies have shown that the therapeutic effect comes somewhat fasterwhen Kamagra is takenbefore meals.

It is established that the drug does not cause a spontaneous erection. Kamagra acts in response to erotic stimulation, which helps men control the onset of an erection.

Since the clearance of Kamagra is reducedin patients over the age of 65, the recommended initial dose of the drug in this age group is 25 mg.

Kamagra is not intended to treat sexual dysfunction in adolescents, children and women.


Kamagra does not enter into a pharmacological interaction with tricyclic antidepressants, thiazides and thiazide-like diuretics.

Simultaneous use of Kamagra with nitrates promotes excessive vasodilation and can lead to profound hypotension. The interval between the intake of nitrates and Kamagra should be at least 24 hours.

Kamagra can have a drug interaction with alpha-blockers (Doxazosin). The combination of these drugs can lead to a drop in blood pressure, which manifests itself in the form of dizziness.

The intake of Erythromycin, Itraconazole and Ketoconazole (CYP3A4 inhibitors) causes a decrease in Kamagra clearance, an increase in blood concentration and prolongation of its action. This, in turn, leads to side effects manifestation.

Side effects

The main side effects of Kamagra are transient and occur usually with the use of the drugin high doses. The most frequent side effects of Kamagra include headache and hyperemia of the face. These effects, as a rule, last for a short time and pass independently.

Kamagra can cause a violation of color perception and temporary blurred vision. In rare cases, the use of the drug may increase the heart rate and cause tachycardia.


Since sexual activity is accompanied by an increased work of the respiratory and cardiovascular system, older men and men with cardiovascular diseases are recommended to go through a complex examination before they begin using Kamagra.

Kamagra exerts a systemic vasodilator effect, which results in a slight decrease in blood pressure. Therefore, the specialist should carefully evaluate the risk of possible vasodilating side effects, if the patient has any cardiovascular diseases.